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Apartments design

Complete design of apartments, including kitchen and furniture Before we start project we do a few consultation with you, where the architect sits with you and harmonize all the details according to your wishes. Technically we will advise you what is possible and optimize the price for project. Each apartment design begins with a completed questionnaire and meeting where you determine the architectural direction and functionality of the building. Tell us your hobbies and habits. Our goal is space where you will live well.

Offices design

We design offices, including 3D visualization and furniture. Because we spend almost half of our lives at work, we try to create a place where you will like to go back. If it is possible, we love to design simply and airy space. We respect your idea and style of your work and we design space with you and according to you. We always say our opinion and technical way of implementation, but at the same time we know that you is a man who will work in the proposed space.